Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Would you like some help?

Need some help?
We'll I'm here to help! I'll be glad to help with dungeon runs, questing, or just helping you defeat monsters to earn a badge. I just need you to leave some important things in the comments:
Time and Time Zone (I'm eastern)

You can also choose which 2 of my wizards you would like me to use
My Life wiz lvl 56
My Fire wiz lvl 60

Just don't forget to leave the information in the comments.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Test Realm is up

If you are unable to interact with the Second Chance chest or the Portal to return to Merle's house in Malistaire's encounter, we need to see your TEST WizardClient.log file. Start by sending community@wizard101.com an email. Use your email service to add an attachment. Find the Wizard101 TEST Folder (Default Location is C:\ProgramData (Program Files for Windows XP)\KingsIsle Entertainment\WIzard101\ ), click on Wizard101 Test folder, then open the Bin Folder and select "WizardClient.Log". After that, just hit send!

If this is too large for your email server to attach or send, then open the game folder, go to the bin folder again and locate the WizardClient.log. Right click on the log file and select Save as Zip (or similar wording - will vary depending on your specific operating system). Then, go back to your email and attach the newly zipped wizardclient.log.zip file.

Have fun!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday... to me!

Hooray its my birthday! And I'm gonna spend it playing wizard101, I'll finnaly get a subscription card and play Wintertusk and Waterworks and give my thoughts about it. If its your birthday today also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If its your birthday this week HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you wanna help me with Wintertusk just leave a comment. I'll try to post youtube videos of Wintertusk and boss battles. I also heard Waterworks was extremely hard, so that will be fun.