Thursday, December 31, 2009


ITS FINNALLY NEW YEARS(in central time)I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! Woah a decade already, it seemed like only yesterday Wizard101 came out. It seemed like only yesterday I finished GH.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! All ready its been a decade! 2010 is coming in less than 2 hours( thats central time). Hope ya made resolutions and stick with them. I only have 2:

AND NOW ITS NEW YEARS IN EST(eastern standard time).LATERZ

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Nice picture huh? Thats me in all that purple. I call myself," MASQUERADE".I just do 1v1.I have been winning lately.Now back to 1v1 laterz.


Monday, December 28, 2009


Merry late christmas. hope everyone got what they wanted. i got very cool stuff :

A new toshiba laptop
Ipod touch 2nd generation

Also I finished gh(GrizzleHeim), now i can farm ravens, and also my life got satyr, finally I have it, now i cant wait to get regenerate and now I'm in chelsea court. Well merry past christmas.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

sad night

I had a sad night because my power went out. Oh sure it can rain and the power can go out but it can't even snow, just a little bit. Well my power did comeback on at 10:00 (central time). But no matter what it won't ruin my christmas, which is almost in 2 hours (central time...... again). Again have a merry christmas and I hope you get your presents you want. Also I'll have a surprise next post, but I'm not telling as a matter of fact, x zips mouth and jumps into grand canyon x.

And I was never heard from again(HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!)

my own game

Woudln't it be cool for me to design my own game. Actually I have with my friend, actually we just got the idea and the script. Just need someone to actually make it. Its a really cool idea.
And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last day for christmas shopping and its somewhat crowded. Hope everyone gets what they need.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is near

First: Yay, my first fan thank you misfitsfan151808!!

Secondly, christmas is almost here, I hope all of you guys got what you need for christmas. I hope it snows so it can be a " WHITE CHRISTMAS ". I want a new laptop ( mostly a toshiaba). Why though, because I called geek squad and they said toshiba has the least problems.

Last but not least why does KI. Only let you go as far as triton avenue, they can at least let you go as far as firecat alley and cyclops lane. Also I 've people complain about the lvl 50 tower in colossus blvd. Seriously its not that hard I did half of it with a lvl 50 balance partner then the rest of it with a storm and death partner, which ported, which I didn't know you could do. One more thing my life wiz almost lvl 26 which means I 'll get satyr soon.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Initiate Crafter

I am finally a Initiate Crafter, I can finally craft a pavillion.

Good news: I'm almost an adept crafter.
Bad news: i gotta wait 11 hours till i can craft something else

So I'll be done by tomorrow.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

i see that kingisle added that to see how many times you've visited the secret shop.
The secret shop is in krokotopia in the oasis, where the two obelisk are next to the amulet shop. I think you have to wait 30minutes-1hour.
Also I saw this guy with an ice elf. It looked awesome it was all blue and came with the ice elf spell. That is just COOOOOOOLLLLL.


Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hmm did u know they theirs the spiral with the worlds and theirs a house item the great spiral.
So, have any of u guys heard of celestia. No? Well u should go to the guy on firecat alley and he'll ask you to get something and he'll mention celestia. But no body knows what it will hold, but I can list what other worlds have.

Wizard City: it starts u off to learn more about your school. The tutorial also holds malistaire,their you will meet Merle Ambrose, ans from their on your grand adventure begins. ( 1st world of spiral)

Krokotopia: the 2nd world of the spiral. Here you will meet Sergeant Major Talbit. This place is filled with kroks, but look like crocs. If u like sand than you'll love this place, because its an oasis. It is egypt based. Final boss krokopatra.

Marleybone: the place with technology with dogs with manners and cats r EVIL. Beware you must teach them all a lesson in etiquette. Here in newgate prison you'll chase down the infamous and evil MEOWIARTY. Its also a good place with scrap iron, but if they call it REGENTS SQUARE why can't u find all the reagents. Be EXTREMELY LUCK WHEN U FIGHT MEOWIARTY AND U COULD GET HIS AMULET WITH SATYR and/or the OSIRIS PAPYRUS.

Mooshu: a elegant beutiful place in the spiral. Full with life trees lush green sidewalks, but sadly a place also filled with evil ninja pigs and samooria(I like saying that). A place also filled with rams and the evil onis the first one war oni, with drops a pet with sun bird. Second plague oni, which drops a 90 damage sword. Third death oni, which drops a myth 90 damge sword. Fourth jade oni, this is the most farm boss for his jade oni pet with balance damge and a card. Don't forget oakheart drops fire sword 90 damage and tomugawa drops 90 death damamge. Sorry don't know where balance sword is.

Dragonspyre: the world with red all over, and lava is just about every where. I will not say where all the swords r in this post. This is where you can fight MALISTAIRE x dramatic music plays x with your school robe he's holdin life gets centaur, balance gets judgement, fire gets helephant, storm gets triton, ice get colousses, myth gets earthquake, and death gets wraith good luck to all with that one.

Grizzleheim: the last and certainly not least world in the spiral, for now. Here I hope you like the forest beacause its a lot of that here, and bears and ravens and wolves, the usual camping trip with a fewmeteor strikes or tempest, or scarecrow or centaur. Here you will fight the four ravens, or the orthins, I have only fought them once and they were hard. One is fire one death one life one storm ( I think not 100% sure). So this is the end or is it till celestia.

So I haven't mentioned anything about celestia well it could be anything pirates, malistaire could apear again, merle ambrose might hold the secret but he comes up with excuses sometimes like my vision is fading. I think he liked school because wheni beat malistaire he said, Now how about you get back to your studies. I JUST BEAT MALISTAIRE I AIN'T STUDYING NOTHING. O Celestia what are you holding tell us your secrets, o well just wait and see.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Ravenwood Radio episode 5

This time our wonderful wizards are joined by the Friendly Necromancer himslef to chat about all things Wizard101. We discuss the new Meowmodon mount, school themed housing and the holiday event.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like my wizards look its all crowns items except the robe the hat comes with dryad the shoes come with hex. Meet MISS TYSON its one of the pets with balance blade with 30%. Hmm, I look REALLY god in black, I really like black and Moo Shu clothes.And tomorrow is the day that the the Wizard101 Central members get the Danger Hound and their gold.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yup as the title says I have crowns, actually had I have under 2,000 crowns(had 5,101).
So I got some new crowns clothes and I LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!! I'll post a picture in my next post.
And I have a surprise in my next post(which will probably be in 30 minutes. So, you just have to wait and see and BE Patience.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My awesome wizard nad house item

See the house items, look cool huh? I got it at the bazaar the only thing that would help if it let me know were it came from so i can know who to farm.See the wizard in the picture thats my wizard. THE ONE AND ONLY Robert DawnBrand(lvl 50 pyromancer) HE IS THE BEST. Dont you agree. Well DONT YOU? And people please comment just say anything so i know at least one person reads it.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Balance Makeove!!

Have you noticed they changed the powerplay and donate power. It looks okay but I like what it used to be.


meowmodon the charity tiger

Wizard101 Unveils New Mount to Raise Money for Children’s Charities

Wizard101 Unveils New Mount to Raise Money for Children’s Charities
Sales of “Meowmodon” to support Child’s Play and the Austin Children’s Shelter

We are proud to give our players and their friends a unique way to support children this holiday season. The purchase of an in-game mount, the “Meowmodon”, will benefit the Austin Children’s Shelter and Child’s Play. The Austin Children’s Shelter provides emergency shelter and care for abused and neglected children and Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to providing games and toys to children in hospitals worldwide.

The black and white Meowmodon resembles a large tiger and sells for 7,500 in-game Crowns per mount. For each Meowmodon mount sold, KingsIsle will donate the full amount (a retail value of approximately $15) to the two charities, divided equally. The Meowmodon is available for purchase through the in-game Crown Shop from December 14, 2009 through January 5, 2010.

“We have an opportunity to give back by tapping into the power of our Wizard101 community – our 5 million players can make a real difference to deserving children,” said Elie Akilian, CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “We chose these organizations because we wanted to support the communities that we are a part of – one located in the same city as our design studio and another with global reach, just like Wizard101.”

How do I Get a Meowmodon?

To purchase your Meowmodon, make sure you have enough Crowns on your account (7500). If not click the Buy Crowns button on the right.

Then log in to your character in Wizard101 and click the SHOP button on your screen. The Meowmodon is on the first page. Select the Meowmodon, click Buy and have fun!

About the Austin Children’s Shelter

The Austin Children's Shelter provides emergency shelter, high quality care and hope for the future to the abandoned, abused and neglected children of our community.

In 1984, a group of concerned citizens joined together to do something about the lack of shelter space for abused and neglected children in Austin and Travis County; thus the Austin-Travis County Shelter for Infants and Children was born. Since its inception, the Shelter has continually grown in response to the needs of the children of Central Texas, adding new programs to help children lay a foundation to build upon. Throughout the years, the Austin Children’s Shelter has received only the highest ratings on all inspections and evaluations. Because of leadership’s strong commitment to providing high quality care, it gained a reputation as one of the very best agencies in the state for children in crisis a reputation still held today.

About Child's Play

Child’s Play is a Seattle based, gamer-run organization that holds an annual toy drive for childrens’ hospitals. Many of the gifts donated by gamers are, as you might imagine, age appropriate videogames and gaming systems - but they are by no means the only things donated. We received eager donations of coloring books, art supplies, crafts, movies, cartoons, virtually anything a young person could ask for. We asked the world-wide community of gamers, and they gave so much we had to move to larger storage facilities three separate times.

For more information on how you can be a part of Child's Play, please contact program co-ordinator Kristin Lindsay at


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

a few arena tips (for life)

Now I've been winning quite a few matches with my life character. The cards I have are very simple:
Have 3 pixies, have all seraph, have 2 minor blessings, have 2 skeletal pirate, have 1 vampire, have 2 spirit traps, have all natures wrath, 1 or 2 leprechaun, have 2 sprites, have 2 or 3 sprite minions, have all life blades, have all life trap, have sacrifice minion(health), have all spirit armor, have 2 guidance, have 2 reshuffle, have 1 or 2 banshee, and you can stack up on shields this deck is only advised for 1v1 (if you want it to be a 2v2 deck add unicorn and a lot of healing spells if you won't attack). This really helps because he is a sergeant. Clothes wise just get athames and rings that help your health and your incoming heal percentage equip a pet with a card, for example I have a sunbird with the sunbird card from war oni, or gets sprockets pet for dr.katzenstein lab which is pixie and can heal anyone even if your a fire wizard you can use this. Equip robes hats and shoes that give power pip percentage and attack power and it would help if they could have resistance to all schools, specifically crowns items. So will you heed my advice or choose your own way well all that matters is that you have fun.


wizard housing

I bet you all cnat wait to get those school houses either if your using gold or crowns but when will it come out? Well my guess is next week. Why next week, because its the day the wizard101 central members get their gold and danger hound. Now the only question is which house is for YOU.


wild bolt

One day while I was doing ranked match my opponent was losing. So the guy has 2 pips then BAM I'm hit with wild bolt. Then when the match is over he has the nerve to call me a noob,(which was weird because I'm like 6 lvls above him). Then when I went to do a match again got faced with a wild bolter, but how did I know that when the match hasn't started. Well its very simple first it was the wand storm one you can get at the wizard city wand shop. Second I checked their stats and they had 5% accuracy to storm, but their is a way to beat these Bolters. The Mighty Storm shield(s), I know theirs one from sabrina in wizard city and one from dalmea(storm and ice shield at once). One from the ice teacher(storm and fire at once) and storm resistance clothes this should help a lot.

And as to where you get wild bolt you get it when you finished mb(marleybone).
Beware storm wizards these players might worry you do death for a wild bolt.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Wizard101 vs Champions online game of the year

Well my 2 favorite games as mention in the title are agaisnt each other. Champions Online is a really awesome game its not everyday you can play a superhero and fight with superheros online, but Wizard101 is also a good game its kid friendly as well except those nasty people who can get around the text chating to say bad words, and seriously people we have to start reporting the before it gets out of hand.

Also i have heard (and seen) that diary of a wizard is holding a pvp tournament i might enter but only if i get my gift card with balance blade ( that will REALLY help me). So to sum it all up in one big package, WIZARD101 OR CHAMPIONS ONLINE YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How's everybody doing?

Nothing much for me to post about right now. Well one thing, my life character is still in hyde park its hard for me to go one because his spells aren't that strong. Can anybody reading this. Tell other people about this and leave some comments well bye!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Wouldn't it be cool if kingisle had a tournament to see who's the strongest wizard in Wizard101. Hmm their maybe be a tounament next year, MAYBE.


Wizard101 on the phone cool or bad?!?!?!?!

Wouldn't it be cool though if we could play it on our phone. I f was touch screen phone you touch the cards spell to use, you could choose which arena battles to join, and you can talk to the NPCand add someone even if there playing on a computer and your playing on a phone.To walk on the touch screen phone there would be a joystick at the bottom on the screen and to say something you could hit a text chat button under the menu chat button and a virtual key board can show up.

To play it on a regular phone you can use the up, down, left, and right keys to walk and choose a card, and to run you use the same buttons and to chat and text chat just use the letters on the dialing pad. Not bad, not bad at all.

Happy Wizarding!

Wizard101 lame?

Yup, you heard right I heard someone say Wizard 101 is lame, but is it?

Well not from what i've been seeing, i've heeard and ask at least 10 people say Wizard101 is cool, and Wizard101 as taken the bronze so its a REALLY COOL GAME.

In other news Wizard101 has gift card pets, but not the ordinary ones THESE come with BALANCEBLADE (yes you heard right) a card that gives 35% to any attack. So its a really great card to get, especially for a wizard like my self and for those big hitters, and can help with arena. So, WHATCHA WAITING GO GET ONE!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi everyone

Hello everyone reading this. This is my first blog, EVER, so enjoy.

First off, hi again.
Second, i have 2 main wizards that I play, Caleb LegendBlade (life lvl 25) and Robert DawnBrand (lvl 50 pyromancer).
Third, is that on the test realms are the school houses. Personally i like the myth house because of the rainbow, but i also like the life house because it reminds me of a treehouse except bigger and with woodwalkers around it.