Saturday, December 12, 2009

wild bolt

One day while I was doing ranked match my opponent was losing. So the guy has 2 pips then BAM I'm hit with wild bolt. Then when the match is over he has the nerve to call me a noob,(which was weird because I'm like 6 lvls above him). Then when I went to do a match again got faced with a wild bolter, but how did I know that when the match hasn't started. Well its very simple first it was the wand storm one you can get at the wizard city wand shop. Second I checked their stats and they had 5% accuracy to storm, but their is a way to beat these Bolters. The Mighty Storm shield(s), I know theirs one from sabrina in wizard city and one from dalmea(storm and ice shield at once). One from the ice teacher(storm and fire at once) and storm resistance clothes this should help a lot.

And as to where you get wild bolt you get it when you finished mb(marleybone).
Beware storm wizards these players might worry you do death for a wild bolt.


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