Saturday, December 12, 2009

a few arena tips (for life)

Now I've been winning quite a few matches with my life character. The cards I have are very simple:
Have 3 pixies, have all seraph, have 2 minor blessings, have 2 skeletal pirate, have 1 vampire, have 2 spirit traps, have all natures wrath, 1 or 2 leprechaun, have 2 sprites, have 2 or 3 sprite minions, have all life blades, have all life trap, have sacrifice minion(health), have all spirit armor, have 2 guidance, have 2 reshuffle, have 1 or 2 banshee, and you can stack up on shields this deck is only advised for 1v1 (if you want it to be a 2v2 deck add unicorn and a lot of healing spells if you won't attack). This really helps because he is a sergeant. Clothes wise just get athames and rings that help your health and your incoming heal percentage equip a pet with a card, for example I have a sunbird with the sunbird card from war oni, or gets sprockets pet for dr.katzenstein lab which is pixie and can heal anyone even if your a fire wizard you can use this. Equip robes hats and shoes that give power pip percentage and attack power and it would help if they could have resistance to all schools, specifically crowns items. So will you heed my advice or choose your own way well all that matters is that you have fun.


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