Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hmm did u know they theirs the spiral with the worlds and theirs a house item the great spiral.
So, have any of u guys heard of celestia. No? Well u should go to the guy on firecat alley and he'll ask you to get something and he'll mention celestia. But no body knows what it will hold, but I can list what other worlds have.

Wizard City: it starts u off to learn more about your school. The tutorial also holds malistaire,their you will meet Merle Ambrose, ans from their on your grand adventure begins. ( 1st world of spiral)

Krokotopia: the 2nd world of the spiral. Here you will meet Sergeant Major Talbit. This place is filled with kroks, but look like crocs. If u like sand than you'll love this place, because its an oasis. It is egypt based. Final boss krokopatra.

Marleybone: the place with technology with dogs with manners and cats r EVIL. Beware you must teach them all a lesson in etiquette. Here in newgate prison you'll chase down the infamous and evil MEOWIARTY. Its also a good place with scrap iron, but if they call it REGENTS SQUARE why can't u find all the reagents. Be EXTREMELY LUCK WHEN U FIGHT MEOWIARTY AND U COULD GET HIS AMULET WITH SATYR and/or the OSIRIS PAPYRUS.

Mooshu: a elegant beutiful place in the spiral. Full with life trees lush green sidewalks, but sadly a place also filled with evil ninja pigs and samooria(I like saying that). A place also filled with rams and the evil onis the first one war oni, with drops a pet with sun bird. Second plague oni, which drops a 90 damage sword. Third death oni, which drops a myth 90 damge sword. Fourth jade oni, this is the most farm boss for his jade oni pet with balance damge and a card. Don't forget oakheart drops fire sword 90 damage and tomugawa drops 90 death damamge. Sorry don't know where balance sword is.

Dragonspyre: the world with red all over, and lava is just about every where. I will not say where all the swords r in this post. This is where you can fight MALISTAIRE x dramatic music plays x with your school robe he's holdin life gets centaur, balance gets judgement, fire gets helephant, storm gets triton, ice get colousses, myth gets earthquake, and death gets wraith good luck to all with that one.

Grizzleheim: the last and certainly not least world in the spiral, for now. Here I hope you like the forest beacause its a lot of that here, and bears and ravens and wolves, the usual camping trip with a fewmeteor strikes or tempest, or scarecrow or centaur. Here you will fight the four ravens, or the orthins, I have only fought them once and they were hard. One is fire one death one life one storm ( I think not 100% sure). So this is the end or is it till celestia.

So I haven't mentioned anything about celestia well it could be anything pirates, malistaire could apear again, merle ambrose might hold the secret but he comes up with excuses sometimes like my vision is fading. I think he liked school because wheni beat malistaire he said, Now how about you get back to your studies. I JUST BEAT MALISTAIRE I AIN'T STUDYING NOTHING. O Celestia what are you holding tell us your secrets, o well just wait and see.


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