Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is near

First: Yay, my first fan thank you misfitsfan151808!!

Secondly, christmas is almost here, I hope all of you guys got what you need for christmas. I hope it snows so it can be a " WHITE CHRISTMAS ". I want a new laptop ( mostly a toshiaba). Why though, because I called geek squad and they said toshiba has the least problems.

Last but not least why does KI. Only let you go as far as triton avenue, they can at least let you go as far as firecat alley and cyclops lane. Also I 've people complain about the lvl 50 tower in colossus blvd. Seriously its not that hard I did half of it with a lvl 50 balance partner then the rest of it with a storm and death partner, which ported, which I didn't know you could do. One more thing my life wiz almost lvl 26 which means I 'll get satyr soon.


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