Monday, January 24, 2011

My Celestia thoughts (finally)

Hello everyone, Celestia came out last year and it made the lvl cap to 60. If you been through it you know its hard, monsters cheat and even the lvl 60's lose. I put my self up to the test and beat it in two weeks. Let me tell you, HARDEST 2 WEEKS OF WIZARD101 EVER. So I think they made the monsters a little to hard and a lot of hp. My biggest problem were the boss fight, more specifically fire. If I wasn't joining people and asking my friends for help I probably be in the last parts.

So cya (cant think of anything to say so bye)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Efreet and Ra


  • Fire spell
  • Get at lvl 58
  • Cost 8 pips to cast
  • 895 regular damage
  • -90% to your opponents next attack
  • Accuracy 75%
  • Quest (Easy,Medium,Hard) well for me it was hard I had to summon 3 henchmen the opponent has over 15k health so don't take this fight lightly.
  • Video-------------------


  • Balance spell
  • Get at lvl 58
  • Cost 8 pips to cast
  • 560-640 regular damage to all enemies
  • Accuracy 85%
  • Quest (Easy,Medium,Hard) looks hard also the boss, HELIOS, has about 7k thousand health and is fire he also cheats some people have beaten him without the help of henchmen or minions, but be on the safe side and use them.
  • Video------------