Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wizard101 MLG tournament

What do YOU think of a Wizard101 MLG tournament? It would basically pit everyone against each other, either tournament style,1v1,where i watch the fight or a points system somehow (probably wouldn't work). What would you win idk maybe crowns or a subscription, but I'll figure it out. Anyways if you like the idea or not tell me, I would plan to do this either spring break or summer vacation so everyone will be free.

Also Happy Holidays!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Test Realm is up!

This time wizards lvl 25 and above will be going to show off their magic in a new school to win a tournament:

Wysteria was once a trade post and pleasant enough small town in the Wizard City cluster, not too far away but of little consequence in the overall scheme of things, until a magical incident occurred that caused a crawling vine to grow and completely overrun the town.

Wysteria is the home of Pigswick Academy, which is the rival school to Ravenwood. Players will also find the streets of Pegasus Place and Tanglewood Way in the city. Pegasus Place has been overrun by a wave of goblins and hobgoblins, while Tanglewood Way is ruled by the forces of nature. Despite all of this, players will be able to participate in a very special Magic tournament in Wysteria.

There will also be a new dungeon for lvl 60 wizards to get their lvl 60 rings and athames. I've heard some of the bosses will drop mastery amulets but I do not know of this. I've also seen a new badge and the name of it is pretty cool.

So go on and check it out on the test realm.

P.S. The new dungeon is supposed to be harder than Waterworks, so good luck!

Monday, July 11, 2011

TheSpeedGamers Star Wars Marathon

TheSpeedGamers are doing a Star Wars marathon to raise money to donate to Direct Relief International. They have commentary,raffles, and auctions and all the money raised goes to Direct Relief International.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Would you like some help?

Need some help?
We'll I'm here to help! I'll be glad to help with dungeon runs, questing, or just helping you defeat monsters to earn a badge. I just need you to leave some important things in the comments:
Time and Time Zone (I'm eastern)

You can also choose which 2 of my wizards you would like me to use
My Life wiz lvl 56
My Fire wiz lvl 60

Just don't forget to leave the information in the comments.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Test Realm is up

If you are unable to interact with the Second Chance chest or the Portal to return to Merle's house in Malistaire's encounter, we need to see your TEST WizardClient.log file. Start by sending an email. Use your email service to add an attachment. Find the Wizard101 TEST Folder (Default Location is C:\ProgramData (Program Files for Windows XP)\KingsIsle Entertainment\WIzard101\ ), click on Wizard101 Test folder, then open the Bin Folder and select "WizardClient.Log". After that, just hit send!

If this is too large for your email server to attach or send, then open the game folder, go to the bin folder again and locate the WizardClient.log. Right click on the log file and select Save as Zip (or similar wording - will vary depending on your specific operating system). Then, go back to your email and attach the newly zipped file.

Have fun!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday... to me!

Hooray its my birthday! And I'm gonna spend it playing wizard101, I'll finnaly get a subscription card and play Wintertusk and Waterworks and give my thoughts about it. If its your birthday today also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If its your birthday this week HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you wanna help me with Wintertusk just leave a comment. I'll try to post youtube videos of Wintertusk and boss battles. I also heard Waterworks was extremely hard, so that will be fun.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Subscribe to my youtube

Hello guys, could you subscribe to my youtube: lloppunny
I will be posting wizard101 videos there probably by the end of this week.
Stop by my channel to say hi, hello, or subscribe. Either way just check it out and have a great wizard101 day :)!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My thoughts on Wintertusk

We're very excited to tell you about the upcoming Wizard101 World: Wintertusk! Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards. Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets* for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez. Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral! *look for new quests from your Professors when this arrives in the Live Game!

I remember seeing this and then a counter above and this is what it was counting down to:

Your Pet Rock So, by now you most likely have a pet rock. If not, this pet can be found in the Crown Shop. So if you have a pet rock we can move on. In this manual we will go over the training and care taking of your rock so lets begin........ Training I recommend starting to train your pet rock at a very young age, this will make your pet more powerful. Beyond training your pet in the Pet Pavilion, rocks are such intelligent beings that they are born knowing tricks. Here I will mention what your pet can do.... Sit - Your pet will sit all on its own, you don't have to teach it to sit. Stay - Your pet rock will always stay at your side. Run - When you run, your pet will run beside you. Simple care We will now go over simple care for your rock. Bathing Run your pet rock through the Wizard City Pond occasionally, and higher level Wizards can swim with it in Celestia. This will keep the pet rock clean. Feeding The pet rock is a very easy pet to take care of, just feed it after every pet mini-game in the Pet Pavilion to make sure it has enough nutrients to stay healthy. Walking Your pet rock will get lots of exercise following beside you as you explore the Spiral! If you are on a mount, don't worry your pet rock is safely tucked inside your backpack. If you don't feel your pet rock is getting enough exercise, you can always place it in your house. Dueling Your pet rock comes with a very powerful card, and it will be happy to assist you in duels! Sleep For your pet rock I do recommend sleep. Your pet rock will sleep when you are offline. Health Note: if you want him to go get a checkup at the doctor, dont be worried when they say theres no heart beat. Dr. Purreau will be very happy to give your adult pet rock a clean bill of health for hatching purposes! Keep your pet rock happy and healthy, and it will be your best friend!

Now guys I don't whats cooler the fact that theres a new world coming soon or a pet rock, I mean seriously a ROCK! You know that you would buy it to, but jokes aside this new world has me pumped up to.

I honestly don't remember Grizzleheim storyline to think of an out come, but what I do know is it will probably be more than likely end up with Morganthe somewhere in it. Also with Wintertusk are new spells and lvl 58 pets, at that point I was jumping up and down with joy. Then I realize new spells and then I thought 2 things:

Cool new spells can't wait to see what KI comes up with.

New spells=Harder monsters therefore I have come up with this conclusion: New spells+Wintertusk= Harder monsters. How hard are we talking about Grizzleheim hard or Celestia hard, if its Celestia hard I just some new gear with that new world. While I was scrolling down the messages of this announcement I read this: i noticed the horn that she was holding and there was a horn in the Morganthe prophecy hmm so maybe Morganthe will try to steal that horn for whatever her plan is and i hope we learn a lot more about Morganthe in this world(joey110498). Well lets just say Morganthe "does" get this she will probably destory grandmother raven, take over another world, and then destroy her in her own world once and for all. Maybe the the world she takes over will have rebels that will give us quest to get in Morganthes kingdom. Or I could just be very very wrong and something awesomer will happen but we will have to wait, sadly. Well what ever it is I know that it will be AWESOMELY AMAZING from KI. My gues on when it will be released is sometime between June-September.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Celestia thoughts (finally)

Hello everyone, Celestia came out last year and it made the lvl cap to 60. If you been through it you know its hard, monsters cheat and even the lvl 60's lose. I put my self up to the test and beat it in two weeks. Let me tell you, HARDEST 2 WEEKS OF WIZARD101 EVER. So I think they made the monsters a little to hard and a lot of hp. My biggest problem were the boss fight, more specifically fire. If I wasn't joining people and asking my friends for help I probably be in the last parts.

So cya (cant think of anything to say so bye)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Efreet and Ra


  • Fire spell
  • Get at lvl 58
  • Cost 8 pips to cast
  • 895 regular damage
  • -90% to your opponents next attack
  • Accuracy 75%
  • Quest (Easy,Medium,Hard) well for me it was hard I had to summon 3 henchmen the opponent has over 15k health so don't take this fight lightly.
  • Video-------------------


  • Balance spell
  • Get at lvl 58
  • Cost 8 pips to cast
  • 560-640 regular damage to all enemies
  • Accuracy 85%
  • Quest (Easy,Medium,Hard) looks hard also the boss, HELIOS, has about 7k thousand health and is fire he also cheats some people have beaten him without the help of henchmen or minions, but be on the safe side and use them.
  • Video------------