Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can Wizard101 last?

The question is how long will Wizard101 last. I mean for those who play on trial accounts won't it get boring for defeating the kraken, I mean don't get me wrong now but he does drop cool loot for over 50 gold. if you haven't noticed Wizard101 has ove 2 million players(I think, and that's a big number),and half of those are trial accounts. Half of it is just boring after a while, why won't Wizard101 have 5$ gift cards, Free Realms has them, they used a different currency called station cash, just about 3/4 of it is free. Instead of wizards they have different classes like brawler,tcg player, postman, demoltion driver, kart driver, miner, and ninja, and that's just to name some of them. I mean Wizard101 could give us a couple of crowns so we can experience more of the game. Free Realms has over 5 million players(big number to), and every million player they get they give you a gift pack. Another mmo is aqw(adventure quest worlds). It is the best online mmo I have seen you can play as healer,mage,warrior,pirate,ninja, barber and more. They have cool weopons like axes swords and staffs. That's pretty cool.

Also with school housing will players still buy the store shop houses. Would you chose a mooshu palace or a life house with treeants and woodwalkers and it looks like a TREE HOUSE(cause its in a tree). Will the store houses be forgotten, maybe not so, I mean I want to live in a tree house and live in a tower with fire over it, and walk on a rainbow, but for 100k gold, ehh I think I might reconsider. Hehehe they have to be at least 50k for me.


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