Saturday, February 13, 2010

New header picture

Like my new header picture, ya i know its awesome. Any who if you watched tv last night you would have known that the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony was on. I watched most of it till i fell asleep o well i can stil get it on i tunes.

Now I know that just about everyone ( you know who you are) is talking about the new world, you know the rumors about Celestia. Yeah they could be rumors, then again it might not beand even if it is i hope for the following:
Lvl cap raise-55 or 60
New awesome looking equipment with awesome stats
the select areas wont cost more than 2,000 crowns.

Actually you know why they havent raised the level cap because this means: New Spells, yup for each school. Like: fire-volcanoe, ice-yeti, storm-tsunami, myth- gryphon( actually heard that from someone it sounded awesome), life- idk cant think of nothing, death-graveyard( yeah sound lame), and balance-scale of power, and an opposite for balance, chaos (duh). As to what these spells can do i'll explain that next post. OK CYA.


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