Monday, June 18, 2012

My thoughts on Zafaria

Hello guys, I know I haven’t really blogged about Wizard101 in a while so I decided to tell you guys my thoughts on Zafaria!  (No I haven’t played Avalon)

Zafaria was the newest world in Wizard101 before Avalon. Zafaria reminds me of the savannahs in Africa. The inhabitants of this world seem to all have an African accent of some sort; the inhabitants differ from zebras, to rhinos, to leopards. The graphics of this world are by far my favorite of any Wizard101 world. The way the sun looks just before it sets really makes the savannah look beautiful. The way that the plains look and how the monsters roam around also make it look, and to me, feel like a real savannah. Now some say the quest were being really repetitive, to me they were and that did sometimes get on my nerves. There were plentiful of boss fights and I could even solo them! I don’t know if that’s because I was really strong or the world was easy. As always there were some bosses that did cheat, one would one-hit KO you if you didn’t hit it every time. That was the easiest boss for me because I’m fire so I easily killed him with some fire elfs and links. You also get a cut scene of Moraganthe controlling an elephant prince, after the cut scene she poofs away and isn't to be seen again.While I was walking through the plains of the savannah, looking at the wonderful graphics, I would be pulled into battle sometimes. This really gets on my nerves and really makes me dislike a world, but it only happened about 5 times. Still usually when it happened I would either I would have to flee because I was injured which really took me longer to beat it then it should have. The one village that stood out to me was the one in the trees reminded me of star wars where the ewoks lived. Now on to the final boss, in all honesty it was easy even though I had a full team with me. I was expecting them to cheat a little bit more, but they didn’t really. It was an easy boss fight, but yet I still enjoyed it a 4v4 was really nice considering I soloed most of Zafaria. After you beat the dungeon you have saved Zafaria, go on back to Merle and tell him your heroic deeds. Now that that’s over its time to head on over to Avalon, pack your wands for a new adventure!

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